Neocon Mike Pompeo’s Sabotage of Trump’s North Korean Peace Talks is Nearly Complete

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s sabotage of President Trump’s legacy-defining peace talks with North Korea is almost complete, as the North Koreans have grown extremely pessimistic after months of belligerence from Pompeo and other hawks in the administration.

“It would be difficult to look forward to the improvement of bilateral relations and denuclearization of the Korean peninsula as long as American politics are dominated by the policy-makers who have an inveterate antagonism towards the DPRK,” North Korea’s statement read, referring to itself as the acronym for Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

“If anyone dares to trample over our sovereignty and the right to existence, we will never hesitate to pull a muscle-flexing trigger in order to defend ourselves,” they added.

Although Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un are still getting along very well and continue to exchange love letters, the middlemen bureaucrats who Trump has hired are getting in the away of what should be his seminal foreign policy accomplishment.

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North Korea called out Pompeo specifically in their letter for “sophistry” and making statements “full of falsehoods and fabrications.” They claim they will never negotiate with Pompeo who is “talking nonsense” and being “reckless” in his sabotage attempts.

Making matters even worse, Pompeo’s failure is even damaging relations between the Koreas. North Korea is now telling their southern neighbor to remove themselves immediately from the negotiations and quit trying to play mediator.

“It’s better for the South Korean authorities to mind their own business at home,” said Kwon Jong Gun, the chief of the North Korean Foreign Ministry’s U.S. affairs department.

″(North Korea)-U.S. talks won’t be held by themselves if the U.S. is repeating the resumption of dialogue like a parrot without thinking about realistic proposals that are in the interests of both sides,” he added.

“Direct talks between North and South Korea have gone quite well over the past year and a half. The ability of the two Koreas to go any further is limited, so long as the US keeps opposing further progress,” libertarian foreign policy analyst Jason Ditz notes at

Kim is giving the U.S. a deadline until December to present an acceptable proposal for denuclearization, showing that he is still willing to negotiate despite recent hardships, but still refuses to let the U.S. “bring us to our knees” with crippling economic sanctions. He maintains that his nation will need some sanction relief before he budges.

Pompeo has staffed his state department with plenty of neoconservative foreign policy hawks who hated President Trump before he was elected. As long as he remains in the administration, expect peace talks in North Korea and elsewhere to be undermined at every turn for the hegemony of the military-industrial complex.

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