New Hampshire Libertarian Activists Affiliated with ‘Free Keene’ are Charged with Cryptocurrency Felonies

Six individuals affiliated with the “Free Keene” movement in New Hampshire have been apprehended and charged with felonies related to illicit cryptocurrency trading, including money laundering and wire fraud.

Some of the individuals slapped with the charges are well-known in libertarian circles, as the feds try to make examples of popular crypto proponents. 40-year-old Ian Freeman, host of Free Talk Live, was among the individuals hit with felony charges.

Other individuals charged with criminal acts include 60-year-old Colleen Fordham of Alstead, 35-year-old Andrew Spinella of Derry, 52-year-old Nobody (Richard Paul) of Keene, 23-year-old Renee Spinella of Derry, and 34-year-old Aria DiMezzo of Keene. Several of these folks have run for public office on radical libertarian platforms within the state. 

The charges stem from bank accounts set up for the Shire Free Church, the Crypto Church of New Hampshire, the Church of the Invisible Hand and the Reformed Satanic Church. The feds are claiming these individuals committed fraud by setting up these churches for the purposes of evading taxes and moving cryptocurrency.

Liberty Conservative News has reported on how another prominent libertarian activist, cybersecurity legend John McAfee, was recently charged with cryptocurrency felonies:

“Former Libertarian Party presidential contender and renaissance man John McAfee has been charged with felonies for allegedly participating in cryptocurrency scams.

McAfee has been hit with money-laundering and fraud charges for allegedly participating in two cryptocurrency scams. The Department of Justice is looking to make an example of McAfee, who has promoted cryptocurrency relentlessly as a means to fight back against state power.

The feds claim that McAfee ran a pump-and-dump scheme by pushing alternative cryptocurrency on his large Twitter account. McAfee’s prosecution could open the door for federal authorities criminalizing the promotion of cryptocurrency on social media.

McAfee is currently detained in Spain on tax evasion charges. Additionally, McAfee’s bodyguard, Jimmy Gale Watson Jr.,  has been arrested and charged with participating in the alleged scheme as well.

Crypto is on the radar of the feds now as they scramble to protect their broken and collapsing financial system. They will certainly attempt to make additional examples of more prominent crypto supporters in the months to come.