New York Second Amendment Activists are Pushing for Gun Rights Sanctuaries

According to a report from 13 Wham, Second Amendment activist Andrew Hollister is leading a local movement to attempt to turn counties into gun rights sanctuaries.

Their goal is to nullify state gun laws such as the SAFE Act.

“I believe the people pushing this forward is more than just a resolution or a message,” stated Hollister.

Hollister is teaming up with pro-gun groups like 2ANYS and Gun Owners of America to lobby local officials to consider passing these measures.

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According to 2ANYS, the following counties are pursuing sanctuary policies: Chenango, Delaware, Fulton, Livingston, Monroe, Oneida, Ontario, Orleans, Rensselaer, Schoharie, Steuben, Wayne, and Wyoming counties.

In Livingston County, Sheriff Tom Dougherty says he wouldn’t get behind the measure.

“I don’t see any change that would come from this,” claimed Dougherty. “I just don’t believe in having a ‘sanctuary’ anything. I believe in the law, and the law of the land.”

Dougherty claims to be a Second Amendment supporter and opposes the SAFE Act. However, he says even if towns, villages, or the county adopted the sanctuary policy, he would still enforce current state law.

“As Sheriff, my position is, I’m going to enforce the laws and not pick and choose, because that’s an extremely slippery slope,” remarked Dougherty.

Hollister says he’s unsure if any county would pass sanctuary measures, but he claims he and other activists plan to lobby officials to consider these resolutions.

“People are really feeling like their rights are being infringed upon, and they just want to tell Albany, ‘Stop it.’”

Rich Azzopardi, a senior adviser to Governor Andrew Cuomo, said, “The SAFE Act withstood multiple frivolous court challenges, was twice re-litigated electorally and, according to the last public polling, was actually supported by most upstaters. Any public official advancing this farce doesn’t care about the rule of law and should resign in disgrace.”

New York is one of the most anti-gun states in the country.

According to Guns & Ammo magazine, New York is currently ranked in 51st place in its Best States for Gun Owners rankings.

Gun rights activists are smart to be focusing their efforts at the local level, because the state government is clearly unresponsive.

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