Nigel Farage Calls Joe Biden the “Most Dangerous Man in the World”

President Joe Biden has perhaps made the biggest gaffe of his presidency

During a speech he gave on March 25, 2022, in front of United States paratroopers in Poland, Biden concluded his speech by saying “For god’s sake this man cannot remain in power.”

The founder of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) and Brexit Nigel Farage immediately responded, “Joe Biden is now the most dangerous man in the world.”  Biden’s remarks came during a time when Russia is continuing its military operation in Ukraine, where it’s encircling Ukraine’s best military units in Eastern Ukraine.

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As LCN previously covered,  Farage has been a major skeptic of the West’s foreign policy towards Russia, which has involved it trying to creep into Russia’s traditional backyard in Eastern Europe through NATO expansions. 

Farage gets massive props in liberty conservative circles in America. Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie is one person who is aligned with Farage’s vision. And for good reason. Farage is a paragon of Anglo-Saxon principles of liberty, which many liberty conservatives in the US also share by virtue of being the successors to the Anglo-Saxon settlers of America.

Similarly, liberty conservatives share a realistic vision of foreign policy that’s defined by sober realism and restraint, which was also present in the United Kingdom during certain parts of the Victorian Era

Sadly, both the US and the UK have deviated significantly in domestic and foreign affairs. As a result, they’re experiencing notable stagnation on all fronts. 

It’s going to take a liberty conservative takeover in the Land of the Free and in Albion for any semblance of political sanity to return to the Anglosphere.