On Mueller Report, Justin Amash Contradicts Thomas Massie and Rand Paul’s Skepticism

Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI) issued his public support for impeaching President Donald Trump this weekend in a series of controversial tweets.

This has split the liberty movement, with Amash’s supporters believing he is making a constitutional stand against executive corruption while his critics think he is playing to liberals for positive media coverage from the mainstream media.

Two men who do not stand with Amash on impeachment are Rep. Thomas Massie and Sen. Rand Paul. The Kentucky Republicans, seen as a liberty-loving trio of sorts with Amash, have criticized the “Russian collusion” probe of President Trump as a partisan witch hunt and case of deep state overreach.

Massie has served as a whistle-blower against the Russian hoax for months now, issuing a tweet calling out the Obama administration for their possibly illegal actions in spying on Trump.

For Massie’s opinion, he was chided by a Soros-funded propaganda outlet as the “most Kremlin-friendly member of the House.” Around the same time, a different Soros rag gushed effusive praise toward Amash for his constant ‘Never Trumping.’

Paul has been the most outspoken advocate of improving relations with Russia, even going on a controversial diplomatic trip to Russia in Aug. 2018 to help repair bonds that has been harmed by the Mueller probe.

“The sanctions are actually on their legislature,” Paul said after returning home from Russia. “So we can’t even have communications. What I keep trying to tell [supporters of sanctions] is, even if your whole purpose is to complain about Russia, you can’t even complain to them because you’re not allowed to talk to them because of the sanctions.”

“I think there is a group of people, you know them well, the neoconservatives, who really want to diplomatically isolate us, they really are diplomatic isolationists. They want no conversation, they want only sanctions. And now that they have the sanctions, they are talking about trying to limit any interaction between our oil companies and any oil interests in Russia. Russia sees this as basically, economic warfare,” Paul added.

Paul went as far to accuse the pushers of the Russian probe as being guilty of having “Trump derangement syndrome.”

As Amash supports impeachment despite the fact that the Mueller report cleared President Trump of colluding with Russia to win the 2016 presidential election, one must wonder if Paul thinks that Amash has developed a case of Trump derangement syndrome.

Highlighting their opposing stances, Paul’s chief strategist Doug Stafford liked the following tweet sharply critical of Amash’s stance this weekend:

While Massie, Paul and Amash have been a team for many years, their differences on this particular issue are apparent. Paul and Massie want to work with Trump while Amash wants to work with the Democrats to undermine his presidency.