Paul Gosar Criticizes The US’s Aid Program to Ukraine

Exercising skepticism towards media narratives is always a good practice. 

The corporate media has rightfully earned its distrust thanks to its constant propagation of fake news.

With regards to the Russo-Ukrainian War, the media has behaved no differently. It has not only drummed up tensions between the West and Russia, it has made Ukrainian President Volodomy Zelensky look like an infallible deity among Western observers. 

However, reality is a lot murkier.  

Zelensky is the head of one of the most corrupt nations in the West. For example, Transparency International ranked Ukraine in 122nd place in its 2021 Corruption Perceptions Index. Since gaining independence in 1991, Ukraine has been marked by significant corruption — a feature that permeates across all political parties in the country.

Zelensky and his Servant of the People party are no exception to this rule. 

According to the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project, Zelensky and his inner circle have significant offshore holdings, indicating that he is not some clean, cut “servant of the people.”  

Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar pointed out this uncomfortable truth about Zelensky in a tweet that he posted on May 11, 2022.

Gosar tweeted, “Zelensky made $100 million last year as a public servant somehow. Where do you think a sizeable chunk of that $40 billion is really going? We shouldn’t be sending a dime, especially not until our long list of problems at home are solved.”

Gosar was referring to the gargantuan aid package that the US House approved on May 10. The Arizona congressman was one of the 57 elected officials, all Republicans, who voted against this bill. 

Gosar gets it. The fact is that this bill will only prolong suffering in Ukraine due to how it advances the Deep State agenda of pursuing a proxy war against Russia. 

The purpose of this proxy war is to bog Russia down in an Afghanistan-style quagmire in Ukraine. 

This will result in a large degree of bloodshed. Moreover, the transfer of such funds to Ukraine will likely be pocketed by its corrupt ruling class. Foreign aid is already notorious for breeding corruption. Once that money reaches a corrupt country like Ukraine, it will only exacerbate the country’s current problems. 

The perverse part of this aid is that it will also allow corrupt American politicians and functionaries to establish a foothold in Ukraine as the country goes up in flames during its war with Russia.

For the US, Ukraine is a sacrificial lamb whose main purpose is to make Russia sweat. Once the dust settles, Ukraine will likely be partitioned and left in a much weakened state.

As for the US, the country will continue to experience socio-economic upheavals due to its political class’s refusal to pursue sound money, put the regulatory state on a diet, phase out welfare programs, and secure its border. 

What’s particularly perverse of this recent political episode is how DC cares more about helping Ukraine as opposed to stabilizing things at home. 

This is the telltale sign of a post-national polity. Such civilizations are not long for this world if they don’t get their acts together.