Paul Gosar Points Out How Fentanyl is a Greater Threat to America than Russia

At this juncture, one can tell if someone is a total NPC by who or what they view as the greatest threat to America. For one, if you think Russia is America’s #1 threat, you’re probably wearing a T-shirt that says “I love the corporate media.”

Such beliefs show how powerful media conditioning is on everyday Americans. 

Regardless, there are still Americans who have not completely taken leave of their senses. And yes, some of these Americans can be found in the halls of Congress. 

Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar reminded people that opioids, largely supplied by Mexican drug cartels who exploit the United States’ open borders regime, constitute a larger threat than Russia. Gosar tweeted, “Total Number of Americans killed by Russia in 2021:  0

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Total number of Americans killed by Mexican fentanyl in 2021: 105,000.”

There comes a point when we have to realize that America’s biggest threats are domestic in nature. It takes sober self-reflection and a political class that’s willing to look in the mirror and acknowledge that its very own policies have created the dire circumstances the country currently finds itself in. 

On the cartel front, the US has neglected border security and crafting a proper response to the threat of cartels. This is a strategic weakness of the US. In fact, should the US get to over-zealous in its saber-rattling abroad in the traditional spheres of influence of Russia and China, these same actors could return the favor by turning Mexican cartels into their very own proxies. 

This would be an incredibly dangerous scenario, but it’s the ultimate culmination of an invade the world, invite the world mindset where the US intervenes wildly abroad while not taking care of its border. Eventually chickens will come home to roost. 

A national populist leadership is the only political solution to solving this existential problem the US is currently facing.