Paul Gosar Reminds People that Mass Migration is America’s #1 National Security Threat

One’s political IQ can be determined by their ability to determine who is an actual threat and who is an ally. It’s a fundamental aspect of politics that one has to grasp if they want to be successful in this field. 

Moreover, the ability to determine what constitutes an existential threat to a nation is another skill that separates effective political actors from the deadweight. 

Currently, the DC uniparty is convinced that Russia poses a major threat to the United States. All despite the fact that the US possesses major nuclear deterrence and two de facto moats in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. On top of that, Russia already has a fight on its hands in Ukraine, which makes it very unlikely that Russia will steamroll all the way to the US.

This does not register with the DC Swamp which is addicted to perpetual war and finding every way possible to shift the country’s attention away from the very real domestic threats that dot the country. 

Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar has not fallen for the DC Swamp’s latest fixation with prosecuting a proxy war against Russia in Ukraine. Instead, he’s calling for US policymakers to focus on securing the border, which is currently being overwhelmed by a deluge of Third World migrants. 

Gosar gave people a harsh dose of reality on Twitter, where he posted the following: 

“Total number of Russians invading our Southern border since 2021: 0

Total number of illegal aliens walking through Mexico into our country since 2021: Over 2.7 million.”

Mass immigration is an existential threat to the US. Great powers like Russia and China do not fit this bill, as adversarial as the latter may be. 

The fact is that countries can lose wars and still live on. Whereas, a country that is demographically transformed will not only change politically, but it will disappear as a civilization altogether. 

Those are the stakes of dealing with mass migration. 

Gosar should be praised for his constant advocacy for immigration restriction, something his colleagues tend to ignore because they’re so focused on pigging out at the trough of cheap labor and looking for another country to invade. All while our border remains porous. 

America needs more House members like Gosar if it wants to protect its identity and maintain socio-economic stability.