Paul Gosar Reminds Us Why We Need an Immigration Moratorium

A nation that doesn’t protect its border is one that’s destined to head down the path of national disappearance. 

America is well on its way to this ignominious status after pursuing nearly six decades of open border policies thanks to its passage of the Hart-Cellar Act in 1965. 

Unfortunately, there are very few politicians who recognize the disaster that mass migration has brought to America. And when they do, they will usually get attacked by the legacy media and its allies in the political sphere. 

These challenges have not stopped Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar from speaking the truth about mass migration and offering concrete solutions to this problem. 

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In a tweet that he posted on May 20, 2022, Gosar stated:  

With millions of illegals flooding into our country bringing record amounts of fentanyl, crime, and trafficking every state is now effectively a ‘border state’. We need to stop this. A finished border wall and a total immigration moratorium is the bare minimum.

Mass migration is the largest assault on national sovereignty. As Gosar aptly noted, mass migration not only affects border states, it infects the entire body politic and subjects states across the country to the perils of demographic shift and economic displacement.

Confronting mass migration, and not obsessing over great power competition with either China or Russia, should be the #1 priority for liberty conservatives. 

Civilizations can lose wars or be leapfrogged by more vigorous competitors, yet still survive. However, no civilization can fully recover from a demographic shift that sees its founding stock be completely displaced. 

Gosar is correct here: An immigration moratorium is long overdue.