Paul Gosar Wonders Why the US Government is Not Focusing on Securing the Border

The corporate media is particularly insidious when it comes to how it will excessively focus on certain news, while ignoring more pressing developments. For example, the legacy media has been obsessed about the Russo-Ukrainian war and doing everything possible to build a narrative about how the United States government must get involved in that conflict. It does so while completely ignoring the humanitarian crisis that’s taking place at the US’s southern border. 

For example, figures from US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) indicate that in the Fiscal Year of 2022 there were 1.2 million illegal alien encounters. 

Among those illegal alien invaders are hardened criminals, terrorists, and other nasty actors who intend to do harm to Americans. That’s the real national security threat America is facing, not Russia. 

Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar doubled down on this in a tweet he published on May 28, 2022:

In case anyone forgot, our border is still wide open.

We desperately need a total immigration moratorium.

It’s shocking that America’s political class is more fixated with military conflicts thousands of miles away than actually defending the country’s southern border. That’s how things go in the post-national USA.

It’s going to take an insurgent liberty conservative movement to reorient DC’s policy priorities because the current crop of leaders has shown no willingness to take this question head on.