Pittsburgh Appeals Pennsylvania Judge’s Decision to Protect the Second Amendment

The Truth About Guns reported that the city of Pittsburgh is doing all it can to maintain its unconstitutional gun control laws.

Following the Tree of Life synagogue massacre, Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto and the city council implemented three gun control measures. These includes an “‘assault weapons’ ban, a magazine capacity limit, and a “red flag” confiscation law.” Such laws go against Pennsylvania’s preemption law, which prevents local jurisdictions from passing gun control laws that are more stringent than statewide laws on the books.

Back in October, a judge rejected all three laws as unconstitutional and in violation of preemption. But the gun controllers never rest, with the city’s attorney recently filing an appeal, which is requesting the state court to completely ignore the Pennsylvania preemption law and reestablish the three gun control laws.

The gun control crowd is relentless. They know that the more they push, the closer they’ll get to achieving civilian disarmament. That’s why gun owners must remain on guard at all levels of government.

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