Police in Savannah, Georgia are Using Drones to Enforce Social Distancing

To enforce social distancing policies in Savannah, Georgia, police have concocted interesting means of seeing these policies through during the Wuhan Virus pandemic.

They are now using five drones to ensure that people follow social distancing rules in the city.

These drones fly 100 feet in the air and use pre-recorded messages when people are caught breaking the rules.

Law enforcement officials claim they are complying with federal aviation guidelines and aren’t flying in banned locations.

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What we’re witnessing here is likely a trial run for even stronger surveillance schemes to be used in future crises.

Open borders and globalist policies come with unforeseen costs such as loss of liberties.

Which is why liberty conservatives should be skeptical of the aforementioned policies.

Open borders facilitate the transmission of diseases and can leave countries susceptible to terrorist attacks.

As a result of these incidents, political actors and a confused public will clamor for more state control.

It’s probably best that we avoid these problems right off the bat by tightening up our borders.

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