President Trump Denies Report that 12,000 New Troops Will be Deployed to the Middle East

President Donald Trump took to Twitter on Friday to deny widespread reports that he would be deploying an additional 12,000 troops to the Middle East.

The Wall Street Journal issued the report earlier in the week that suggested the Pentagon was considering deployment of as many as 14,000 troops in the Middle East to push back against Iran. Pentagon officials are claiming that Iran is getting ready to attack U.S. interests in the Middle East.

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“We do remain concerned about potential Iranian aggression,” Undersecretary of Defense for Policy John Rood said.

“Deterrence is dynamic, our response is going to be dynamic,” he added.

Rood made clear that the administration was issuing threats to Iran, regarding whatever aggression they are supposedly planning against U.S. occupying forces.

“In private … we’ve sent very clear and blunt signals to the Iranian government about the potential consequences of aggression,” Rood said.

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) grilled a Pentagon official during a hearing in the Senate Armed Services Committee on Wednesday about the necessity of deploying even more troops into the Middle East.

“In the Middle East, our mission should be counterterrorism & protecting our great friend Israel. Pentagon official testified yesterday that US should pursue “regional stability.” That is not a coherent policy,” Hawley wrote in a tweet today.

“Preventing Iran from becoming regional hegemon, which we should do, is not same as guaranteeing “stability” to the whole ME, whatever that means. Our aims should be much more targeted & achievable,” he added.

Although the bureaucrats in his administration may sing a different tune, President Trump has talked against forever wars and always mentioned the need to bring the troops home. He does not forget that it was a key part of his winning presidential platform in 2016.

“Russia, Iran, Syria, and to maybe a slightly lesser extent, Turkey, they all hate ISIS as much as we do. And it’s their part of the world. We’re 7,000 miles away. I campaigned on bringing our soldiers back home, and that’s what I’m doing,” Trump said in October after an announcement that he would remove U.S. troops from Northern Syria.

“You know, we’re in many countries, many, many countries. I–I’m embarrassed to tell you how many. I know the exact number, but I’m embarrassed to say it because it’s so foolish. We’re in countries–we’re protecting countries that don’t even like us. They take advantage of us. They don’t pay; nothing,” Trump added.

Trump had to use his Twitter to keep the military-industrial complex at bay, as they concoct new schemes to put U.S. troops at risk to enforce their global empire.

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