President Trump Doubles Support for Al Queda-Linked ‘White Helmet’ Terrorists in Syria

President Donald Trump has achieved great results in Syria by removing support for terror groups and scaling back the intervention in that nation, but his progress is in serious jeopardy after his State Department announced they will be doubling the funding for the Al Queda-affiliated White Helmets organization.

The State Department issued a press release boasting that they will be sending federal funds to assist these terrorists and help globalist UN directives.

“At the direction of the President, subject to congressional approval, the United States intends to provide $5 million for the continuation of the vital, life-saving operations of the White Helmets in Syria and in support of the UN’s International, Impartial and Independent Mechanism (IIIM) which is charged with assisting the investigation and prosecution of persons responsible for the most serious crimes under International Law committed in Syria since March 2011,” State Department Deputy Spokesman Robert Palladino said.

White Helmets produced obviously fake videos any time President Trump announced that troops were meant to depart from Syria. Their members were even shown flying the Al Queda flag in their homes in an Al-Jazeera documentary lionizing the terrorists. However, the Trump administration is going along with the globalist propaganda and awarding them with taxpayer cash for plotting against the United States.

“The United States Government strongly supports the work of the White Helmets. They have saved more than 114,000 lives since the conflict began, including victims of Assad’s vicious chemical weapons attacks. With over 2,800 volunteers, they continue to provide search and rescue, emergency response, and early recovery operations helping civilians in areas outside of the control of the regime,” Palladino said.

In a display that was largely ignored by the mainstream media, experts exposed the White Helmets during a presentation given to the United Nations late last year. Testimony was released from ordinary Syrians who attested that it is a well-known fact that the White Helmets were affiliated with al-Nusra, a literal off-shoot of Al Queda.

“Almost all people who worked in nearby White Helmets centers were al-Nusra fighter or were linked to them. I tried to join the White Helmets myself, but I was told that if I was not from al-Nusra, they could not employ me,” said Omar al-Mustafa, a Syrian civilian.

“I saw them [White Helmets] bring children who were alive, put them on the floor as if they had died in a chemical attack,” al-Mustafa added.

The organization is also connected to George Soros through the PR firm Purpose, Inc. Purpose was co-founded by Jeremy Heimans, creator of Avaaz. Avaaz is a leftist advocacy group described by ABC News in 2007 as “funded by philanthropist and financier George Soros, and the labor group SEIU.” Heimans was able to use his ability to create propaganda to make the White Helmets into an Oscar-winning corporate media sensation, and help the global Jihad to destroy Western Civilization.

While it should come as no surprise that the left and the corporate media are colluding to help Islamic terrorists and undermine the future of the West, the fact that the Trump administration is going along with it is extremely disconcerting. The tenuous peace in Syria may not last with these terrorist agitators receiving funds on the loose stirring up mayhem.