Rand Paul Encourages President Trump to Stick to His America First Foreign Policy

Rand Paul takes a stand against the neoconservatives trying to goad President Donald Trump into war with Iran.

On Twitter, Paul advised Trump to stick to his America First foreign policy.

Paul stated:

I strongly urge @realdonaldtrump to reconsider more troops to the Middle East. This escalation doesn’t get us out of our decades long, seemingly endless wars Mr. President. Trust your instincts and follow what you ran on, not the neocons around who want to repeat past mistakes.

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Since Trump got elected in 2016, the Kentucky Senator has worked with the president to carry out his America First foreign policy. Back in March, Paul introduced a bill that would end the “forever war” in Afghanistan.

Paul has remained steadfast in his devotion to a non-interventionist foreign policy.

This comes in handy when neocons like John Bolton saber-rattle on issues like Venezuela or escalate tensions in Iran by sending naval forces to the Strait of Hormuz.

Paul is not alone in Congress, however.

Congressman Matt Gaetz recently laid out a bold America First foreign policy that categorically rejects the nation building schemes of the Bush and Obama administrations.

As the days go by, it appears that America First is beating the neoconservative foreign policy status quo.

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