Rand Paul Joins the ‘Ron Paul Liberty Report’ to Discuss Fauci’s Crimes in Christmas Special

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) joined the “Ron Paul Liberty Report” for a special Christmas edition where the father-son liberty duo discussed the extensive crimes of the American Mengele, Dr. Anthony Fauci.

To start the podcast, the Pauls joked about how the only vaccine passport needed to attend their family Christmas was a certification that an individual has read and understands the Bill of Rights and Constitution.

“Do you think we’re making any progress with our effort to educate Fauci? Do you think he knows what it means to have natural immunity?” the former Texas Congressman asked his son.

The senator explained to his father that Fauci is not an idiot but a knowing liar who deceives the American people as part of his vaccine pushing.

“Because he’s made this mistake of deemphasizing natural immunity, I think thousands of people have lost their lives,” Sen. Paul said of Fauci’s killer policies.

“I would venture to say that thousands of people die in our country every month now from COVID because he has deemphasized the idea that there are therapeutics,” he added.

The elder Paul said he believes that the tide is turning on the conversation regarding natural immunity due to the work of Sen. Paul and others who have poked holes in the phony narrative of the bought-off medical establishment.

“The bottom line is it really isn’t about the science, it should really be about individual freedom. Is it your choice or my choice to decide what we inject into our bodies? Whoever thought that that wouldn’t be an individual choice?” Sen. Paul said.

The Pauls discussed how corporate power is being used to push these so-called public health measures, with the Left folding on their anti-corporatist principles amidst the COVID pandemic.

“There really truly was a conspiracy. Billions of dollars of investment money, Fauci runs it, every university and every professor across the country and the world is dependent upon him for funding,” Sen. Paul explained, adding that leftists call anyone a “conspiracy theorist” with the courage to oppose Big Pharma propaganda.

Sen. Paul said that Republicans in Washington D.C. are opposing vaccine mandates in larger numbers than ever before, showing that the tide is turning with regards to public opposition to COVID-19 mandates and vaccine overreach.

“I think the people are shifting in our direction, but the establishment is becoming more Draconian,” Sen. Paul said.

Sen. Paul described the frightening system of coercion and control that is emerging as a frightening technocracy emerges from the COVID crisis, with Fauci at the top of the pyramid essentially dictating health care tyranny.

He said: “The early therapeutics, I think, for COVID should be allowed. I mean, we never in the history of medicine forbid you from taking one medicine that was used for blood pressure or malaria for another reason until recently, but it’s gotten so bad that I have doctors everyday come up to me in my own community and say, ‘Well, I’ve spoke out against vaccine mandates and they’re threatening my license, they’re threatening my credentials, they’re threatening me at the hospitals, and my partners are telling me, is it worth it? Just keep quiet.’”

“What a shame,” Congressman Paul said.

“It all sort of stems from the top down. Most of the universities lead the way and are the biggest voices in science, but they are controlled, all of them, by the dollars, and the dollars are controlled by Fauci, and they’re petrified by having their money yanked,” Sen. Paul said.

“Yeah, that’s it. It’s intimidation. It’s terroristic,” Congressman Paul responded.

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