Rand Paul Says It’s Time to Leave Syria

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul said the death of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi means it is the right time for the U.S. to withdraw troops from Syria.

The Republican congratulated the American special forces who conducted the raid where al-Baghdadi was cornered and eventually killed himself by detonating his suicide vest.

During an interview, Paul told WDRB News he believes that U.S. can now officially declare victory and move on.

“I think this really now signifies the ultimate defeat of ISIS. The ideology doesn’t go away. The ideology of radical jihadism and suicide vests doesn’t go away. But their land has been taken, and their leadership decimated,” said Paul.

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Paul declared it’s time for America to immediately withdraw from Syria.

The Kentucky Senator is one of the few voices in Congress who agree with President Trump’s decision to get troops out of Syria.

Paul claimed the success of the raid and the decimation of ISIS do not signify that the U.S. should maintain a perpetual presence in the Middle East.

“No, I think it’s actually just the opposite. I think this signifies the end of the major part of the battle against ISIS,” said Paul.

“If there are remnants of ISIS or if simply the ideology of radical jihadism still exists, which it does, then I think the people who live there are better positioned to actually police this,” Paul stated. “Ultimately, our presence as foreigners, as Christians, we become sort of an attraction and a recruiting tool for them.”

He asserts that President Trump’s foreign policy will bring stability to the Middle East, called on “Islam to police Islam.”
Paul also said that he has the president’s back during the impeachment inquiry.
He maintains that both Democrats and Republicans have attempted to influence Ukraine by threatening their aid.

“Really, both sides have been involved with trying to get Ukraine to do their bidding,” Paul claimed. “I don’t think it’s something that is an impeachable offense.”

As far as Senators are concerned, Paul has the strongest America First credentials foreign policy.

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