Rand Paul’s Chief Strategist Slaps Around Neocons

Doug Stafford, the chief strategist for Rand PAC, has been taking neoconservatives to task lately.

Last week, Rand Paul was critical of Congresswoman Liz Cheney’s support of a continued presence in Afghanistan, which prompted her to respond by claiming that Paul wants to surrender to terrorists.


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Stafford quickly came to the Kentucky Senator’s defense, declaring “Actually, @realDonaldTrump loves @RandPaul and I’m pretty sure they both think your family is a bunch of chickenhawk warmongers who personally benefited from the military industrial complex and are responsible for thousands of lost lives and trillions of lost dollars.”

The strategist wasn’t done there, however.

A few days later, conservative commentator Mark Levin called out congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard for her comments about America’s strange alliance with Saudi Arabia. Levin stated “Tulsi Gabbard, another clown.  This isn’t about Saudi Arabia, moron.  Iran is threatening world’s oil supply, navigable waters, killed hundreds of American soldiers, building ICBM’s for nuclear warheads…”

Stafford quickly came to the 2020 presidential candidate’s defense. Stafford exclaimed, “Last time a bunch of loudmouth warmongers like you got us into a Middle East war, Tulsi went and served. If you want another one maybe get off your chickenhawk butt and go fight it yourself this time.”

As someone who works closely with Rand Paul, Stafford is 100% in line with Paul’s non-interventionist vision. Like Donald Trump, Paul and Stafford want to end the failed never-ending conflicts that George W. Bush got America involved in.

Paul and his staff are the best non-interventionist Republicans in the U.S. Senate and will be the leading voices for non-interventionism in the next few years.

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