Rep. Thomas Massie Censored by Google for Saying Natural Immunity is Better Protection From COVID-19 Than Vaccine

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) has been censored on YouTube, the video streaming platform owned by Google, for referring to medical studies saying having a natural immunity provides better protection from contracting COVID-19 than the dangerous, experimental jab.

Massie’s appearance on The Tom Woods Show podcast was censored as part of the crackdown against any information that is against the narrative contradicting the blind propaganda push for widespread vaccinations.

“Today [YouTube] removed my chat with [Rep. Massie] for “medical misinformation,” even though the only medical claim we made was the now-commonplace one from the Israel study, that natural immunity is more robust than from vaccines,” Woods wrote in a tweet, linking to the same video on the Odysee alternative video hosting platform.


“Too much truth for YouTube! If you haven’t listened to this podcast, it is still available on audio. Let me know if you hear any disinformation in it,” Massie responded.

He tweeted the audio for the controversial podcast targeted by Big Brother for people to download:

Liberty Conservative News has reported on how leaders like Massie have stepped to the plate to defend the cause of liberty while it matters while so many self-styled “Libertarians” make excuses for scientific tyranny:

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) is questioning the libertarian small-government credentials of the Cato Institute because they are advocating for vaccine mandates.

Massie referenced an article published by Cato questioning whether or not “vaccine mandates are justifiable from a libertarian perspective,” calling the discussion “salient.” Massie believes that this question is a no brainer from a libertarian perspective.

“When I first came to Congress, I thought Cato would be a good resource for small government policies,” he said.

“But if you can make a libertarian argument for vaccine mandates, you must be something other than libertarian or small government,” Massie added…

Cato Institute chairman Robert Levy wrote an opinion piece in The Hill where he published liberty-sounding apologia for vaccine mandates.

Levy wrote: ‘“Your right to punch ends where my nose begins.”  That quote, attributed to various sources, is a libertarian maxim — now invoked in connection with COVID vaccine mandates.”

“Here’s the controversy: If the vaccine causes no appreciable injury, can you still refuse to be injected, notwithstanding that you might be visiting significant risks on others? It’s a close call,” he added.”

The regime is after people like Massie because his logical and truthful remarks are a threat to the regime. He is taking flak because he is over the target.