Republicans for National Renewal Endorses Matt Gaetz

There are few organizations who are giving liberty conservatives and national populists a strong idea of who to support during the 2022 midterms. Republicans for National Renewal has set a new standard for rating Republican candidates on populist criteria. 

On March 30, 2022, it endorsed Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz in his re-election bid for Florida’s 1st congressional district. 

“Matt Gaetz is exactly the kind of firebrand we need in Congress. He has continuously advocated for working Americans, and has stood up for the rights of the J6 protesters which continue to be violated. Congressman Gaetz has demonstrated his commitment to the America First movement time after time, showing great courage against the corrupt establishment. I am therefore proud to announce that Republicans for National Renewal endorses him for re-election,”  declared Mark Ivanyo, the Executive Director of Republicans for National Renewal. 

On a host of issues, Gaetz is a strong candidate. For example, on the Second Amendment, he stood up to the ATF’s attempts to excessively regulate firearms accessories and has supported legislation to abolish the ATF. Gaetz is a strong immigration patriot as well. He supported the RAISE Act, which limits legal immigration, and a measure to defund sanctuary cities.

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On foreign policy, Gaetz is a staunch foreign policy restrainer. He has opposed saber-rattling in Venezuela, was one of the loudest voices of restraint after the Trump administration carried out the assassination of Iranian Major General Qasem Soleimani, and has stood against punitive sanctions directed towards Russia. 

On all fronts, Gaetz is an America First champion that liberty conservatives should get behind. If the Republican Party is going to truly become populist, it will need representatives like Gaetz in Congress.