Ron Paul and Chris Rossini Explain Why the US Government Not Russia is the Primary Culprit Behind America’s Economic Woes

Are the Russians to blame for the current problems the American economy is facing?

President Joe Biden recently said that “food shortages are going to be real” as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has created supply chain disruptions worldwide. Well, that’s what the establishment narrative behind the current economic uncertainty.

In the episode of the Ron Paul Liberty Report titled “Surprise! Biden Says Sanctions Will Cause Food Shortages, which was released on March 25, 2022, former Congressman Ron Paul and Friday co-host Chris Rossini discussed the impact of US and European sanctions against Russia. Like all sanctions, they have not only failed to topple the Russia regime — just like they’ve failed in taking down regimes in Cuba, Iran, North Korea, etc. — but they’ve also impoverished Americans and have disrupted normal economic activity throughout the country.

The hosts noted that COVID pandemic hysteria is dying down so the ruling class has to find a new scapegoat to explain away the current problems the US is facing.

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For parasitic politicians like Biden, putting up with food shortages is the price people must pay for opposing Russia. It’s also the most patriotic thing people can do to oppose Russia.

In this episode, Rossini observed that America’s foreign policy was different back in the 19th century when it was more restrained and non-interventionist. In effect, the US was minding its own business and not getting involved in unnecessary conflicts through direct military interventions, coups, or punitive sanctioning campaigns.

Moreover, Rossini revealed an uncomfortable truth about the many problems the US is facing right now. It’s not Russia or other phantoms that the political establishment tries to blame. It’s actually the American ruling class who are the real “problem creators.” Unfortunately, many Americans don’t get this. As Rossini noted, many Americans “still believe that government is the solution to problems.”

Paul and Rossini are correct in calling for the US to retrench its foreign policy. It’s blatantly overextended and already spends so much money on defense. According to the Business Standard, the US Congress passed a $770 billion bill for so-called “defense” in the fiscal year of 2022. Moreover, it has 173,000 troops stationed in 159 countries and has 750 bases in at least 80 countries.

The US is overstretched in both its domestic and international overreach. It must go back to its humble constitutional origins. It’s unfortunate how the modern conservative movement, which talks a big game about small government at home, does not extend that logic to interventionism abroad.

To restore sanity to US politics, American leaders must recognize that they’ve overstepped their bounds and must reduce the American government’s footprint both in domestic and international affairs.