Ron Paul and Daniel McAdams Blast Congress for Doling $13 Billion in Aid to Ukraine

In a recent episode for the Ron Paul Liberty Report, Ron Paul Institute Executive Director Daniel McAdams and former Congressman Ron Paul discussed the big spending consensus that is prevalent in Washington, DC. 

Specifically, they called out a recently passed bill to dole out $13 billion in aid to Ukraine. This comes at a time when Russia is conducting military operations against the Eastern European country. Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, 2022, which  prompted a firm, bipartisan rebuke in the US Congress.

Both sides of the partisan aisle have clamored for the US to get involved in this conflict in some shape or form, from sending troops, to establishing a “no-fly” zone. Some of the more “moderate” voices have proposed sanctions against Russia and military aid to Ukraine.

The latter has alarmed various liberty conservative voices. Chief among them are Paul and McAdams.

In a recent episode of the RPLR, McAdams cited Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index to point out how Ukraine is one of the most corrupt countries in the world. In this index, Ukraine is ranked in 122nd place out of 180 countries in terms of corruption. 

By giving $13 billion in aid to Ukraine, US lawmakers are effectively greenlighting a wealth transfer project to a country that is rife with corruption. Most of that money will be wasted and even pocketed by corrupt members of Ukraine’s decadent ruling class. 

This aid package is a politically tone deaf move on the part of DC politicians who are lording over a country that still has people economically struggling. In addition, the southern border continues to be overrun by illegal alien invaders, which doesn’t register with establishment politicians.  These “enlightened” individuals believe that handing out money to a country thousands of miles away is of greater strategic importance than securing our border. Talk about being out of touch with reality. 

The Ron Paul Liberty Report is one of the last bastions of sane political commentary out there. As long as it exists,  the RPLR can always provide sober analysis that liberty conservatives can use to make the case for a restrained foreign policy and limited government. 

At this point, the RPLR is one of the few outlets that has prevented the US from sleepwalking into a devastating great power conflict. As long as alternative media exists, it will be much harder for politicians to see their warmongering projects through.