Ron Paul and Daniel McAdams Talk About the Latest Wrench Turkey Threw in NATO’s Plans

The geopolitical machinations taking place during the Russo-Ukrainian conflict have been intriguing to say the least. 

Some of the most notable developments have taken place within NATO itself.

For example, Turkey has blocked an early vote on Finland and Sweden joining NATO. 

According to a Bloomberg report, Turkey issued several key demands before it would give the green light to Swedish and Finnish accession into the military alliance. 

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The Telegram channel Entre Guerras listed of these demands: 

  • The recognition by NATO aspirants of the threat posed by Kurdish armed groups to their country and publicly denouncing not only the PKK, but also all its allies. They also call for “repression” of PKK sympathizers within their countries.
  • Ankara is also calling for those two states to lift restrictions on arms exports to Turkey.
  • In addition, officials have said that Ankara could take the opportunity to claim old requests such as returning to the F-35 program, the purchase of more F-16s or kits to upgrade its fleet of these devices and that the US remove sanctions derived from the purchase of S400 systems from Russia.

In light of these developments, former Congressman Ron Paul and Ron Paul Institute Executive Director Daniel McAdams had a captivating discussion on an episode of the Ron Paul Liberty Report on May 18, 2022. 

McAdams said that Turkey’s objections to Sweden and Finland are “fascinating.” In effect, Turkish strongman Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has “spoiled everyone’s game” by blocking Sweden’s and Finland’s ascension into NATO.

Nevertheless, the former Congressman inserted some foreign policy realism and declared that the US should “stay out” of the Russo-Ukrainian war and any related activity for that matter. 

In Paul’s view, “the American people are really forgotten” when the DC class engages in these fantastical geopolitical expeditions. 

The current drama within NATO is intriguing to say the least. Turkey is the most opportunistic member, with a populace that is generally not a big fan of NATO. According to a 2019 Pew poll, only 21% of Turkish citizens have a positive view of NATO. 

Turkey is not very committed to the alliance and uses its membership to pursue its own strategic interests. 

As opposed to its liberal interventionist counterparts in NATO, Turkey has deviated from its secular, Kemalist origin and has pursued a more Islamist, pan-Turkic foreign policy.  

In the meantime, Turkey will blackmail the US and its NATO allies for as many concessions as possible all while advancing a revisionist foreign policy. 

This status quo can’t hold in NATO. It could potentially be a harbinger of NATO’s eventual dissolution given the stagnant economic status of Europe and the economic hara-kiri it’s committing in its sanctions war against Russia. Add in third world mass migration, and you have a recipe for a systemic collapse for the Old Continent.

The 21st century could be one of geopolitical irrelevance for Europe as the world heads towards a bipolar US vs. Eursasian (China as the senior partner and Russia as the junior partner) order. Europe’s combination of anti-growth economic policies, embrace of the welfare state, and total degradation of its diplomatic corps has led it down this path. 

Regardless of the internal conflicts within NATO, the US should leave this alliance briskly. It serves no real national interest and will invariably get the US entangled in  disastrous military conflicts that will undermine it abroad and domestically.