Ron Paul Believes the Military Industrial Complex Will be the Biggest Winner During the Russo-Ukrainian Conflict

If there is one political figure that gets the big picture on political issues, it’s former congressman Ron Paul.

During a discussion with Daniel McAdams, the Executive Director of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity, on the Ron Paul Liberty, Paul declared that the military-industrial complex would come out as the biggest winners during the current Russo-Ukrainian conflict. 

In this episode of the RPLR that took place on March 17, 2022 Paul said that he has “never been a fan of NATO” and that it should have never been expanded in the first place. 

Paul understood one harsh truth about the Russo-Ukrainian war, as attempts to hold peace talks fail. There is no genuine support for peace talks to be held by the West, given Western leaders desire to have Ukraine fight Russia to the last Ukrainian. As Paul noted, there is an incentive for pro-war politicians and the defense industry to have this conflict “linger for a long time.” 

Daniel McAdams stressed that while the Russo-Ukrainian War was deplorable, it was not totally “unprovoked” in the sense the US was using Ukraine as a proxy against Russia. McAdams alluded to how the CIA “was training Ukrainians how to kill Russians in Eastern Ukraine,” throughout the war in the Donbass. Not to mention the attempts to incorporate Ukraine into NATO and the US’s actions during the Maidan crisis of 2014 which exacerbated an already unstable situation in Ukraine and made it spiral out of control.  

Dr. Paul correctly noted that there is “too much intervention in the affairs of other nations.” Instead, he called for non-intervention and restraint in this context, like he has called for in other conflict zones that don’t advance a pressing national interest.

Even in advanced age, Paul has incisive commentary on political affairs. Paul remains a powerful voice for foreign policy restraint and non-interventionism. The same logic he uses for foreign policy, also applies to his views on domestic affairs. 

 More people, especially the current class of Republicans in the US Congress, should listen to the great doctor’s words. Dr. Paul’s wisdom is what could potentially save the US from falling into the abyss of imperial decay.