Ron Paul Believes War, Debt, & Fiat Currency Will Lead To Collapse

Is the American empire on its last legs?

In a recent Ron Paul Liberty Report episode, former Congressman Ron Paul believes that the signs of the U.S. government’s impending collapse are already present:

Activist foreign policy, an out of control monetary policy, and an exploding national debt. 

“Today I want to talk about – there’s been a couple of articles that have not  talked about the subject for a long time. ‘How long will the American Empire end?’ and right now there’s a lot more talk about it and recognition that it is unsustainable. And there are economic statistics that verify this. And there are certainly foreign policy problems that we are facing that indicate that we are not the powerhouse that we used to be,” he declared.

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Although President Trump brags about the economy’s explosive performance, Paul does not really buy the hype. He expanded on why these numbers are an illusion at best:

And I know that we heard a lot of propaganda how great the economy is and there are statistics that are you know at least they are better than what they could be but there is no indication that there is real growth. If you look at the growth in this country compared to the debt, guess what, that is going up five or six times faster than manufacturing.

At the crux of the U.S.’s decline is a debt-based system which encourages profligate spending and non-stop government growth. Both parties ultimately have their hands in the cookie jar when it comes to America’s tenuous fiscal situation which Dr. Paul notes:

So what we have right now is everything is based on debt and that’s self-limiting, and that’s one of the reasons that I have stuck to my argument that you’ll see the disappearance of it (the Empire) because we have become soft, we don’t emphasize the work ethics, the socialists are on the attack and everybody thinks that they can get something for free, and the deficit is exploding. And there is really not much attention paid to this if you look at the current administration and the current Congress, the Republicans and Democrats, there is not much concern about deficit.

With age and experience, comes plenty of wisdom. Dr. Paul continues to educate thousands of people across the nation by preaching the message of liberty, limited government, and non-interventionism. Even out of office, Paul is making his impact felt. These ideas must be spread in every venue —political or non-political— possible.

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