Ron Paul Liberty Report Calls Out Delaware Senator Chris Coons for Pushing the US to Get in a War with Russia

Times of crises reveal the worst aspects of members of the ruling class. They’re generally mask off moments for politicians who want to put their countries on the path to national disaster.

The Russo-Ukrainian War has showcased how desperate politicians can be in trying to get the United States into a war. 

Ron Paul Institute Director Daniel McAdams and former Congressman Ron Paul detailed in an episode of the Ron Paul Liberty Report how several elected officials such as Delaware Senator Chris Coons want to get the US to send ground troops to Ukraine to tip the power balance of the war. 

Coons said “we’re in a very dangerous moment”, which requires the US to send military aid and troops. The media enthusiastically agree with Coons’ prescription and have amplified its interventionist message by calling for further intervention in Ukraine.  

McAdams said that proponents of non-interventionism should be focused on “neutralizing the obsession and the power of the media” in order to prevent the US from sleepwalking into a disastrous conflict.  

McAdams alluded to “hyped-up rhetoric” and referenced how the media have described Thomas Massie as “Putin’s congressman.” Moreover, McAdams called attention to how the corporate media is using tired tropes along the lines of “If we don’t stop Saddam” and similar scare tactics to justify a muscular response against Russia in Ukraine.

Giving Russia a bloody nose in Ukraine has been the main policy since Day 1. McAdams mentioned how British special forces are training Ukrainian soldiers, similar to how the CIA has trained Ukrainian forces in Eastern Ukraine. Parallels to the Vietnam War abound, a time when the US gradually sent military advisers to South Vietnam in efforts to strengthen its position and ultimately defeat North Vietnam. Such gradualist aid to Vietnam culminated in the US government sending ground forces to Vietnam in the mid-1960s. 

The funny thing is, as Paul mentioned, Vietnam became “more Westernized when we gave up on on the bombs.”

We need to start looking at things from a bigger picture view here. 

Although Russia is making slow progress in capturing parts of Eastern Ukraine — a telltale sign that the country is not on the verge of taking over all of Europe — Russia could feel compelled to take brash military actions should the US get directly involved.

If the US directly sends troops and appears to be defeating Russian forces in conventional warfare, it’s not inconceivable to see Russia turn to nuclear weapons as international relations theorist John Mearsheimer posited.

For Russia this fight constitutes an existential threat. Therefore, it will do whatever it takes to win. Nukes could be on the table if the US goes the accelerationist route. This is a true doomsday scenario that the US should avoid at all costs.

Liberty conservatives should continue to throw their full support behind the likes of Massie, Colorado Congresswoman Lauren Boebert, Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, Florida Congressman Thomas Massie, and Arizona Congressmen Andy Biggs and Paul Gosar — all who have resisted the pro-war push. This base of opposition to the Russo-Ukrainian War will be critical in this fight to scuttle the DC Blob’s and the military-industrial complex’s desire to get America into another war.

The stakes are high in 2022. It will take brave leaders in DC, alternative media, and civil society to prevent this lunacy from going through.