Ron Paul Predicted Republicans Rallying Around Red Flag Legislation Months Ago

A few months ago, Ron Paul correctly predicted Republicans rallying around red flag gun confiscation orders in a piece for The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

Decades of being in the D.C. Swamp has given Paul insights on how things work there. The red flag talk has engulfed political debate since mass shootings took place in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio.

Paul was correct in his observation a few months ago that “common trick of big-government loving politicians is to give legislation names so appealing that it seems no reasonable person could oppose it.” This is most apparent with the red flag bills, which have clever marketing that disguises their true policy motives.

This same logic applies to other pieces of legislation such as the “PATRIOT Act” and the “Access to Affordable and Quality Care Act”, which have innocuous titles but set chilling long-term civil liberties abuses once enacted.

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In summary, red flag laws turn due process on its head by giving judges the power to serve confiscation orders simply based on the suspicion that an individual is perceived to be a threat.

One thing Paul highlights is that this trend is bipartisan in nature. It’s not just Democrats, Republicans are also willing participants in advancing anti-liberty schemes. The former congressman made this clear in the following passage:

“This is a version of “red flag” laws that are becoming increasingly popular. Red flag laws are not just supported by authoritarians like Senators Diane Feinstein and Lindsey Graham, but by alleged “constitutional conservatives” like Sen. Ted Cruz.”

Now, Republicans such as Congressman Dan Crenshaw, Senator Pat Toomey, and Ohio Governor Mike DeWine are endorsing red flag laws. Even President Trump is entertaining red flag laws along with some type of enhanced background check to combat gun violence.

Paul’s warnings are correct yet again. The wisdom he imparts on us serves as a reminder that both parties are not interested in defending American civil liberties.

If Americans want to properly address gun violence, they should look to civil society not government for answers. This includes arming more people, using private security, and restoring mutual aid societies that help get people more involved in their communities and feel less alienated.

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