Russian President Vladimir Putin Proposes ‘Maximum Economic Freedom’ After Western Sanction Regime

Russian President Vladimir Putin seems like an unlikely advocate for libertarianism in this day and age, but he is emerging as an advocate for the free market when the laissez-faire economic system is in grave peril.

Putin is advocating for total economic libertarianism in the face of a Western sanctions regime that is attempting to isolate Russia from the rest of the world in order to punish the country for alleged Ukrainian aggression.

“I believe that in the conditions we are in now, there can be only one way out – maximum economic freedom for people who are engaged in business,” Putin said during a meeting with the female flight crews of Russian airlines.

“The government is working to expand these support measures, including the removal of various restrictions on entrepreneurial activity,” he added.

Liberty Conservative News has reported on other times when Putin’s viewpoints have intersected with libertarianism, such as when he opposed mandatory vaccines during the COVID-19 pandemic:

On August 22, 2021, Russian President Vladimir Putin came out against any type of mandatory vaccination program. Although he did concede that people getting the vaccine will play a major role in Russia’s attempts to “overcome this pandemic,” Putin reassured Russian citizens that nobody would face harsh punishment for not refusing to vaccinate.

During a recent meeting with the ruling United Russia party, Putin declared “We need to do everything we can to overcome this pandemic,” and even added that “the best tool we have in this fight is vaccination.”

“Vaccination is the main weapon against the spread of the virus. Importantly, no one should be forced to get a jab. Pressure, where people may lose their jobs, is even less acceptable. People must be convinced of the need to get the vaccine,” Putin stated.

“This must be done persistently and respectfully. People should be convinced of the need to get vaccinated in order to save their lives and health, and to protect their loved ones.”

RT highlighted the following:

“On Friday, Russian Health Minister Mikhail Murashko announced that more than 43 million people have had one of the country’s four domestically made coronavirus vaccines. However, this number, he said, “is not enough yet” and “we will feel safer when the number of people who have protection against infection reaches more than 80%.” At present, close to one in four Russians has been immunized against the virus, and it is unclear how many more may have developed antibodies after being infected with the virus across the nation.”

However, Tyler Durden of ZeroHedge, observed that “Putin’s comments appear to be at odds with official policy throughout several sectors of the Russian economy.” Of note, in Moscow,  “companies in industries such as hospitality, leisure and transport must demonstrate that 60% of their staff have been vaccinated or else face hefty fines. Officials have confirmed that businesses can send home employees without pay if they refuse, in order to meet the quotas.”

Indeed, Russia is not this monolithic, top-down totalitarian state some folks in the American media portray it as. There’s plenty of dissent in the country and there’s undoubtedly large swathes of the country that have bought into globalist hobby horses that would otherwise undermine it.

Who’s ready for some Putintarianism? His strength may be the only thing that can save economic liberty against the forces of globalism and the new world order.