Ruth Bader Ginsburg Returns to Supreme Court

A Supreme Court official has told ABC News that “Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg returned to the Supreme Court Friday for the first time since undergoing cancer surgeryin December”.

Though she continued to work on case work throughout her absence, Ginsburg has been away from the bench since her December 21st surgery. This absence lasted 56 days and catalyzed conspiracy theories across the internet.

This news should end the theories regarding Ginsburg’s imminent death, at least for now. Ginsburg, the oldest justice of the Supreme Court at 85 years old, was reportedly seen at the National Museum of Women in the Arts earlier this month.

Despite this, the lack of photographic evidence of her appearance (combined with a simmering distrust of the mainstream media) caused many to doubt this reports veracity. Ginsburg’s return to the Supreme Court will likely quell any controversy as to whether this report is accurate.

The Supreme Court is meeting in conference on Friday, and will resume oral arguments on Tuesday. It is expected that Ginsburg will return that day to proceed with oral arguments.

Though this ends the saga of her prolonged absence, questions still linger regarding whether Ginsburg will remain on the bench through the Trump presidency. Questions which people on both sides of the political aisle are wondering with bated breath.