Saints Receiver Austin Carr to Intern for Senator Rand Paul

The politically charged aftermath of the Colin Kaepernick saga has had a lingering impact on the NFL. Conservatives in the NFL have been largely silent during these politically charged times. New Orleans Saints wide receiver Austin Carr is trying to change that, telling CBS News that he will be interning for US Senator Rand Paul (R-KY).

Carr told CBS News that he is interning for Senator Paul because he is both pro-life and interested in some libertarian ideas.

“I’m seeing how hard they work and in particular Sen. Rand Paul, how often he’s running to and fro to different meetings, different committees, meeting with constituents,” Carr told CBS.

“I’m glad to see that Austin believes strongly in his faith and that it sounds like he wants to be part of trying to make things better in the country but also be an example for, you know, kids out there that look up to our stars,” said Paul.

Carr is entering the internship as part of the NFL Players Association’s externship program. Per the NFLPA, in addition to the Capitol Hill internship program, “the NFLPA Externship program which allows you to gain professional experience with top companies like Under Armour, Fanatics and Panini”.

One can only hope that Carr’s move will inspire more of the NFL’s conservative players to be outspoken in their political advocacy.