Sen. Rand Paul Says ‘It Makes Utterly No Sense At All’ to Send Money to the Taliban in Afghanistan

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) gave an impassioned plea on the Senate floor on Monday against senseless spending in Afghanistan on behalf of the military-industrial complex.

Paul explained that so much money has already been wasted in Afghanistan due to the pathetically failed war effort, but it is even more inexplicable that the spending would continue even after the radical Islamic butchers in the Taliban have taken full control.

“When we’re spending money sending PhD’s over to Afghanistan to teach Dadaist art about that a male urinal is somehow art, I think that’s why some of them think that we’re actually the culture that’s in decay, not them,” Paul said.

“But the thing is we’re spending money right and left. The right spends it on military adventure. The left spends it on welfare. And the compromise that always happens around here is right comes together with left and they all agree to, ‘Well, you know, we might as well just spend it on both,’ so everything goes up,” he added.

Paul explained that the military budget for the U.S. is more than the next ten countries combined, and it never stops increasing despite the fact that America is not any more free or any more safe due to the excessive spending.

“In the midst of ending a war, where’s the peace dividend? What happened? We ended a war. I thought we would have a little more money left over,” Paul said.

“So today, I tried to take $6 billion dollars that was supposed to go to the Afghan reconstruction fund to the old Afghan government. There is no Afghan government! They’ve been overrun by the Taliban,” he continued.

“And I would love for Americans that are watching this: Call me today at my office and tell me why the Taliban should get money. But I asked that we take that money away, put it back in the treasury, spend some of it on the Iron Dome for Israel, and it was objected to by the Democrats,” Paul added in exasperation.

Paul said that the illegitimate Democrat regime in the White House, including Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, defends subsidizing the Taliban.

“I don’t see a scenario or a world in which U.S. taxpayer dollars would be going to the Taliban. It makes utterly no sense at all,” Paul stated to conclude his remarks.

Paul’s remarks can be seen here:

Paul is right that the continued spending in Afghanistan does not make sense, but since the defense contractors benefit from it, it will continue ad infinitum. This is the status quo that will likely continue to reign supreme in Washington D.C. until economic collapse and destitution comes to America.