Sen. Rand Paul Urges COVID Patients to ‘Ask Your Doctor’ about Monoclonal Antibodies Despite Federal Suppression

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) wrote an op/ed calling for COVID-19 patients to ask their doctors about the availability of monoclonal antibodies that are being suppressed by federal authorities.

Paul has emerged as one of the most vocal critics of National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) director Dr. Anthony Fauci, who has pushed nonstop fear propaganda to the public for the past year and a half to deflect in his own role in engineering the pandemic.

“While Dr. Fauci and his friends at the CDC have rarely mentioned this treatment, that hasn’t stopped me from speaking out about it – both in media interviews and while traveling across Kentucky,” Paul wrote in the Lexington Herald Leader. “You deserve to have this critical information.

“Recent data showed that monoclonal antibody treatment cuts the risk of death and hospitalization by 70% in high-risk patients and reduces the chance of infection among a household by 80%,” he added. “Monoclonal antibodies have only just begun to be mentioned by the mainstream media, and misinformation still plagues government bureaucrats when discussing this scientifically-backed treatment.”

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Paul is speaking out against how this treatment is being demonized and suppressed by the federal government and hospital systems as they desperately push the experimental vaccine whose efficacy is in doubt with cases surging throughout the world.

“But why are patients being denied treatment? Well, the FDA only approved monoclonal antibodies for outpatient use. In an attempt to control every aspect of our life, the government has bought and paid for all the monoclonal antibodies and has dictated only outpatient treatment,” he wrote.

“Last week, I also spoke with an internist in Louisiana who expressed the same limitations. He said that while monoclonal antibodies are proving to be very useful in preventing hospitalizations when given early, sometimes a patient shows up in distress to be admitted to the hospital before receiving the treatment. In this instance, because of regulations, the hospital would be unable to provide the patient wishing to seek early treatment with a potentially life-saving option,” Paul added.

Paul noted that the feds are actually engaging in anti-scientific behavior because of their incompetence and corruption, which is causing needless suffering and death and allowing the COVID-19 pandemic to linger on far longer than it should.

“Government’s one-size-fits-all approach medicine is preventing physicians from prescribing life-saving drugs like monoclonal antibodies. Thankfully some smaller hospitals with local autonomy can use off-label monoclonal antibodies and I still encourage you to ask your doctor about this treatment,” he wrote.

“It is another effective tool in the fight against COVID and could help save countless lives,” Paul concluded.