Senator Rand Paul Gives Trump an Invitation to Watch “Partisan Charade at Senate Trial”

On Wednesday, January 22, 2020, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul invited President Donald Trump to be a guest at his own impeachment trial after the president indicated he would “sort of love” to go.

“Mr. President, would love to have you as my guest during this partisan charade,” Paul tweeted.

Trump retweeted Paul’s message as he traveled back to Washington from the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Earlier on Wednesday, Trump told reporters attending Davos that he would “sort of love” to attend the trial and stare at House Democrats’ “corrupt faces.”

“I’d love to go. Wouldn’t that be great? Wouldn’t that be beautiful?” Trump said when asked if he would be in attendance during the impeachment trial.

“I’d sort of love — sit right in the front row and stare at their corrupt faces. I’d love to do it,” Trump said before pointing out that his attorneys may have issues with him attending the trial.

The House impeachment managers kicked off their first day of arguments on Wednesday, making the case for Trump’s removal on charges of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.

House Democrats have 24 hours spread over three days to present their arguments, which will then be followed up with arguments from Trump’s legal counsel.

Trump has has called the latest impeachment efforts against him a  “witch hunt” and a “hoax.” He strongly claims that he did nothing wrong in his interactions with Ukraine, which are the crux of the impeachment case.

Trump’s impeachment trial began on Tuesday, January 21, 2020.

His attorneys include White House counsel Pat Cipollone and Trump’s personal attorney Jay Sekulow. They spoke for the first time on the Senate floor that day.

Republicans defeated a number of resolutions that Democrats submitted calling for witnesses and documents to be subpoenaed on Tuesday night.

Senate Republicans eventually passed a resolution early Wednesday morning that delayed a decision on witnesses until opening arguments are done.

This entire impeachment drama is clearly political theater designed to hurt Trump.

Thankfully, he has a solid liberty conservative in Rand Paul to defend him from this witch hunt.

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All in all, Trump should come out unblemished as the Senate will not have enough votes to convict him.

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