So, exactly, is a “vacuum’ bomb?

The 1st of March marked the beginning of reliable reports suggesting that Russia had used Vacuum Bombs in Ukraine – also known as Thermobaric Weapons.

There may be something surreal about these war machines – as they roar across the battlefield, crushing bleached white human bones beneath their unforgiving tracks (or maybe that was Arnold Schwartzniger’s Terminator-kinda getting them mixed up) – but it is a nightmare that is all too real.

Having the ability to fire a torrent of unguided Thermobaric Rockets, each of which is capable of vaporizing all humans in a vast, yet inaccurate kill zone.

Since 3 days ago, Putin has started using thermobaric weapons in Ukraine to avoid looking like a twit.

This thermobaric explosion, which vaporized some 70 people, was reported by a witness a few miles away who was knocked off his feet.

Basically, this horrible weapon causes huge numbers of civilian casualties because it is inaccurate, vaporizing anyone within the blast radius, knocking off people from miles away, suffocating everyone within the blast radius.

They will kill not just in the direct vicinity of the impact, but it will suck the oxygen out of the air and out of the lungs of people nearby. It is horrendous.” — Mick Mulroy, a former CIA officer and deputy assistant secretary of defense.

So how does they done work? 

Rough description: Anyone that has ever seen a grain explosion, or a dust explosion in a factory can tell you: yea ol’ bomb hits somewhere that is presumably NOT a playground and a small explosion goes off-but this explosion spreads and vaporizes a LOT of aluminum and steel powder, as well as a couple of the more fun azides into a huge cloud. Now that the cloud has expanded, it will have enough oxygen to become a detonatable substance-and it will.

The massive concussion wave will not only kill everything within quite a large distance, but it also creates a HUGE vacuum sphere that will suck the air out of nearby lungs.

The lungs collapse-right about the time that the vacuum sphere also collapses, and the air comes rushing back in at a speed similar to the first concussion wave that liquified pretty much everything in its path.

If you are still alive you will suffocate, because your lungs and breathing passages have been ruined by the combination of overpressure, vacuum, and overpressure again.

Long and short, a lot of people will not die quickly or painlessly from this.

Putin has set some kind of diabolical record by using thermobaric weapons within civilian areas. This is in contravention of the Geneva Convention.