Some Inconvenient Facts About the Sanctions War Against Russia

One of the most horrifying aspects of the current proxy war the Collective West is waging against Russia in Ukraine is the level of economic seppuku Western countries are committing. For example, many of these countries have imposed a multitude of energy sanctions and are working to implement an oil embargo against Russia. Never mind that many countries, especially those in the EU with horrific anti-growth energy policies, have no coherent energy policy to sustain themselves once they decouple from Russian energy. After all, many EU countries are very dependent on Russian oil and natural gas for their energy needs. 

In light of this, imposing sanctions on Russia represents a major own goal on the part of the Collective West. A similar dynamic is taking place in the US. While the US has a more market-based energy sector that affords it more energy flexibility, sanctions still have an impact on the US, as noticed by the rising prices at the pump.

Sadly, most policymakers do not comprehend why the US is facing an energy crisis, and instead are pinning the blame on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine or convenient scapegoats such as price gougers. 

In reality, it’s the public that the US government has implemented that has caused this energy crisis.

Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene pointed out this inconvenient fact in a tweet she posted on March 17, 2022:

Since Biden took office he canceled the Keystone Pipeline, released half of our strategic petroleum reserve, is canceling oil and gas leases, and is waging a proxy war with Russia with sanctions that line Putin’s pockets and empty ours.

Dems are blaming price gouging.


Democrats ultimately want a protracted crisis with Russia to distract from the problems they’ve created at home — from the immigration disaster at the border to the country’s energy crunch. Plus, such a geopolitical crisis would advance the interests of unhinged members of the Democratic Party who still believe that Russia helped Donald Trump steal the 2016 presidential elections.

None of what Democrats’ are pursuing here aligns with the interests of the American people. They only benefit the military-industrial complex and Democratic Party national elites. It’s America Last policymaking at its worst.

Republicans would be wise to not follow through with this anti-Russia enterprise.