Suspects Released on Bond are Allegedly Responsible for Over 150 Deaths in Harris County

Crime Stoppers Houston victims Andy Kahan recently revealed that suspects out on multiple felony bonds in Harris County have been responsible for killing 156 people in Harris County in the last few years.

“These are victims of felony bond reform,” Kahan said to The Texan.

According to Kahan’s research, 79 of the victims were black and 48 were Hispanic. Three of the victims were unborn children.

Since bond policies changed in Harris County a few years ago, Kahan has been tracking victims and statistics. According to Holly Hansen of The Texan, Kahan’s main focus is on cases where a suspect “was on multiple felony bonds, under bond forfeiture, or out on a personal recognizance (PR) bond.”

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Hansen added that “Although a lawsuit settlement approved by a federal court judge in 2019 only applies to bonds for misdemeanor suspects, many criminal court judges have also been implementing lenient bond policies for felony crimes.”

Several of these cases have garnered significant media attention, especially one case involving two suspects who were arrested in the “broad daylight” shooting of an off-duty New Orleans police officer dining at a Houston Galleria eatery.

In this instance, the suspects were out on bonds and were identified as  known gang members.

In addition, elected criminal court judges in Harris County have released on bond several suspects arrested on capital murder charges.

Back in September, deputies with Harris County Constable Mark Herman’s office arrested an individual suspected of aggravated robbery who was already out on bond for capital murder. The individual did not comply with release conditions and, as a result, was under bond forfeiture.

“You’ve now got about 113 defendants charged with capital murder out on bond,” Kahan recently stated during a FOX 26 Houston interview. “And now three of them are charged with additional murders.”

When suspects are convicted on capital murder charges, a suspect will either receive death penalty or life in prison.

In recent weeks, League City police announced they had arrested and charged a 21-year-old individual suspected of being involved in the shooting death of Jeffrey Johnson that occurred last June.

The suspect, Devan Jordon, had previously received robbery and capital murder charges in Harris County.

Jordon was suspected of following 58-year-old Jeffrey Johnson and his spouse home from a restaurant in the Galleria area on June 11. His intent was to rob the couple.

Per the charges filed, Jordon shot Johnson multiple times in his garage.

According to Harris County records, Judge Jason Luong of the 185th District Court granted Jordon’s release on a $500,000 bond in July for a capital murder charge in the May 2021 shooting homicide of Joshua Sandoval.

Currently, Jordon is now being held in the Galveston County jail with bond set at $1,000,000.

Public safety is expected to be a major issue in the 2022 election cycle in Harris County.

“Public safety will be issue number one, issue number two, and issue number 999 in next year’s election cycle in Harris County,” asserted Kahan. “There really is no other issue except for the increase in crime rates, especially those committed by suspects out on bond.”

Even in red states, blue metro areas will see themselves subverted by radical leftists. One way they do so is through the passage of soft on crime policies that give criminals leeway in terrorizing people.

Liberty conservatives must pay attention to their local politics. All politics begins at the local level and if people are caught off guard there, they will most assuredly be defeated at the national level.