Technocrat Jeff Bezos Demands for Big Tech to Show Fealty to Military-Industrial Complex

Globalist technocrat Jeff Bezos, who has become the richest and most powerful man in the world due in part to his extensive CIA connections, is urging all in the tech world to bow to the military-industrial complex.

“One of the things happening inside technology companies is there are groups of employees who, for example, think that technology companies should not work with the Department of Defense,” Bezos said while speaking at the Reagan National Defense Forum last week.

“People are entitled to their opinions,” Bezos added, “but it is the job of the senior leadership team to say, ‘No.'”

Bezos is responding to push-back within Google that emerged after the company’s employees revolted over their bid to work on Project Maven, which is a Pentagon project that aims to use artificial intelligence to make their drone program more effectively murderous.

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Over 3,000 Google employees signed a letter addressed to CEO Sundar Pichai urging Google not to pursue the federal contract because of its lethal ramifications.

“We believe that Google should not be in the business of war. Therefore we ask that Project Maven be cancelled, and that Google draft, publicize and enforce a clear policy stating that neither Google nor its contractors will ever build warfare technology,” the letter read.

Bezos is imploring total fealty to the Pentagon, and he is claiming that it is unpatriotic for Silicon Valley corporations not to help the military-industrial complex maintain its global empire.

“In my view is — if Big Tech is going to turn their backs on the Department of Defense, this country is in trouble. That’s just can’t happen,” said Bezos. “It’s the senior leadership team to say to people, ‘Look, I understand these are emotional issues. That’s OK. And we don’t have to agree on everything. But this is how we’re going to do it. We are going to support the Department of Defense.'”

“There is truth in the world. We are the good guys. I really believe that,” Bezos added. “And I know it’s complicated. But do you want a strong national defense or don’t you? I think you do. And so we have to support that.”

Bezos believes that his corporation is entitled to soak up as many federal dollars as possible. He is even suing the federal government because Microsoft received the contract for the lucrative JEDI contract, which may be worth up to $10 billion, alleging that his feud with President Donald Trump caused Amazon to be denied the contract.

“The question is whether the President of the United States should be allowed to use the budget of DoD to pursue his own personal and political ends,” the filing states.

“DoD’s substantial and pervasive errors are hard to understand and impossible to assess separate and apart from the President’s repeatedly expressed determination to, in the words of the President himself, ‘screw Amazon.’ Basic justice requires re-evaluation of proposals and a new award decision,” it adds.

While Bezos may have built Amazon out of capitalist ingenuity, he – like so many other titans of industry – has embraced big government statism to further enrich and empower himself now that he is on the top.

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