Ted Cruz Turns His Back on the 2nd Amendment, Endorses Red Flag Laws

The Republican-led Senate is selling out the American people on gun control, and chief among the anti-constitutional traitors is former tea party favorite Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX).

The Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing on gun legislation today where hand-picked “experts” were brought in from throughout the country to talk about the necessity of red flag laws, a sneaky and dangerous form of gun confiscation. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) started the hearing with a rousing endorsement of pre-crime.

“We’re trying to identify people in our communities who are exhibiting pretty extreme behavior in terms of mental health issues where they become a danger to themselves and others,” Graham said, adding that “law enforcement and sometime family members” should be allowed “to go to a court” to rob an individual of their constitutionally-protected firearm rights.

While it is expected for a moderate like Graham to work with the likes of Sens. Dick Blumenthal (D-CN) and Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) to push red flag laws, Cruz is expected to be the type who would stand against this type of push. He failed to do so during today’s hearings, exposing himself as an oathbreaking enemy of the US Constitution.

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“The national epidemic we have of mass shootings and of school shootings is a tragedy, and it was one that I believe we need to do significantly more to prevent.” Cruz said to begin his remarks.

Cruz, who has advertised himself as a constitutionalist since being elected, would go on to give a shockingly endorsement of red flag gun control – calling them “extreme risk laws” – an incredible betrayal of his Texas constituents.

“The right approach I think is targeting and focusing on bad guys, and I do think that extreme risk laws of the kind we’re discussing can potentially be apart of the solution set,” Cruz said, “that targeting those that pose an extreme risk that have serious mental illness and pose a threat to themselves or others is a law enforcement tool that can be helpful in preventing crimes of violence.”

Cruz, who got his start as a Washington D.C. lawyer with connections to the Bush family, was quick to throw some weasel words out there about “the need to protect the public safety with also the obligation to protect constitutional rights and civil rights.”

The Senator’s intent was clear though despite his double-speak. Cruz is supporting gun control, the end of due process, the evisceration of the Bill of Rights, and measures that will further exacerbate tensions between police and ordinary citizens. One man’s life was already taken by a cop enforcing these unconstitutional edicts.

It’s not just Cruz who is folding on gun rights. President Donald Trump and the National Rifle Association (NRA) have issued public support for red flag laws as well.

Larry Pratt, founder of the no compromise gun rights lobby Gun Owners of America, is one of the few conservative leaders willing to stand strong against the scourge of red flag laws.

“These laws are better known as Gun Confiscation Orders, and they turn our system of justice on its head,” Pratt wrote about red flag laws. “No one should have their rights taken from them and then be forced to prove their innocence. It’s the government’s job to prove someone is guilty, after affording that person all the protections of Due Process.”

Very few, if any, have the courage to make a bold stance for the 2nd Amendment in Congress. Lyin’ Ted certainly is not among them, as the self-serving phony will always do what is politically advantageous.