Tesla is Now Paying a Former Employee $137 Million After the Company Lost a Racially Fueled Lawsuit

Earlier this month, Tesla Inc lost a lawsuit against an African American elevator operator who was formerly employed at the company. As a result of the case, the former elevator operator is set to receive $137 million in damages for the electric car company’s inability to address several racial taunts and offensive graffiti that Owen Diaz, the elevator operators, allegedly faced while working for Tesla at its auto plant in Fremont, California. 

Diaz was hired in 2015 through a staffing agency. A federal jury in San Francisco decided to award him with the aforementioned settlement of $137 million, which was among the highest awards of its kind.

“I believe that’s the largest verdict in an individual race discrimination in employment case,” stated David Oppenheimer, a law professor at Berkeley university. “Class actions are of course in a different category.”

Valerie Capers Workman, Tesla’s Vice President of People, sent an email late in October 4, 2021 which was later published in a blog post on Tesla’s website.  

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Workman detailed that she was “at the defense table for Tesla every day during the trial because I wanted to hear firsthand what Mr. Diaz said happened to him.” The post detailed that “the Tesla of 2015 and 2016 (when Mr. Diaz worked in the Fremont factory) is not the same as the Tesla of today.”

This recent trial could motivate shareholder activists, who have placed pressure on Tesla’s board without much success thus far, to continue pushing for the enactment of diversity quotas and arbitration mechanisms to handle sexual harassment and racial discrimination.

This kind of settlement is nothing to overlook. Tesla is the automaker with the highest market valuation on the planet at around $783 billion.

These kinds of lawsuits will establish troubling precedents where any person with a racial axe to grind can shake down companies.

Such racially-induced lawfare will also disincentivize many productive individuals from entering the private sector and misallocate resources that would otherwise be directed to productive activities.

The Tesla case illustrates that the cultural rot taking place in the US is destructive in a civilizational sense. The result will be a dark age when it comes to innovation and economic development.

Forget the foreign monsters of the week that the US deep State fixates on, the real enemy has always been within. The cultural radicalism infecting American institutions — private and public — is capable of bringing the nation to its heels in a way that no conventional army can.