Texas DPS Claims Mexican Cartels are Carrying out Murders in the US

According to law enforcement authorities, drug cartel gunmen are going across the border to murder Americans.

Officials from the Texas Department of Public Safety made these claims which generally clash with local law enforcement observations that border cities are safe.

“These criminal organizations come across from Mexico to the U.S. side and they kill individuals. they murder individuals,” Texas Department of Public Safety spokesman Lieutenant Chris Olivarez said to Sara Carter, a contributor to Fox News. “We have had several incidents that have taken place along the border using professional-type weapons the way they carry out these killings, very professional, very methodical.”

When Olivarez made his statements on Fox, both DPS and the Texas National Guard were ramping up their enforcement presence along the border as a response to unprecedented human drug smuggling activity criminal syndicates like the Gulf Cartel and the Cartel Del Noreste faction of Los Zetas are carrying out.

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The local police chiefs at the border generally cited statistics from the FBI Uniform Crime Report to support their claims that border areas are allegedly safe.  However, reports by Breitbart Texas show the UCR only reviewing seven specific crimes and “does not account for criminal activity that is specific to border cities such as kidnappings, extortion, drug trafficking, human smuggling, and human trafficking.

On top of that, the terminology that police departments use in the UCR report gives them the ability to cloak the severity of certain crimes. For example, Breitbart Texas highlighted the follow way the UCR tends to obfuscate its crime reporting:

One example particular to border cities deals with home invasions, where teams of gunmen storm into a house looking for drugs or cash. As Breitbart Texas has reported, home invasions are reported in the UCR report only as robberies.

Overall, there’s a lot of trouble at the border and many organs of the state want to downplay not only the current border crisis, but also many of the negative effects of mass migration.

It’s going to take a strong coalition of national populists and liberty conservatives to take power and subsequently demand answers about the present migration dilemma. From there, populists will be on their way to their next goal — shutting down mass migration through an immigration moratorium.