The Biden Administration’s Attempts to Implement Gun Control Can be a Blessing for Liberty Conservatives

Earlier this month, President Joe Biden put forth a series of executive orders on gun control, which included a recommendation for the Justice Department to implement a rule to curtail “ghost guns” — kits that lawful individuals can buy to build firearms without a serial number  — and a rule on handgun accessories such as pistol braces. Additionally, the Biden administration is using the DOJ to put forward suggestions for “red flag” gun confiscation orders.

Biden used the typical anti-Second Amendment bromides to justify his actions, by declaring that “no amendment is absolute” and defending his latest measures on flimsy constitutional grounds. The Democrat president maintains that none of his policy recommendations undermine the Second Amendment and are instead all about addressing a “public health crisis.”

On top of that, Biden announced his nomination of David Chipman as the director of the ATF. Chipman is a seasoned pro-civilian disarmament advocate who worked inside of the ATF during the infamous Ruby Ridge and Waco Siege incidents. Making matters worse, he has served as a senior policy advisor for civilian disarmament organizations such as Everytown for Gun Safety and Giffords. In sum, Chipman is a seasoned gun control zealot who will faithfully carry out Biden’s anti-Second Amendment agenda. 

Obviously, these moves should aggravate any American who believes in the right to bear arms. However, the Biden administration’s anti-gun activism could present many opportunities for grassroots conservatives to take advantage of. 2021 is the year of Constitutional Carry, with states like Utah, Montana,Tennessee, and Iowa already passing the law. 

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In addition, the growing sanctuary movement taking place nationwide is a sign that Americans aren’t moving away from the Second Amendment anytime soon. Liberty conservatives should take note and realize that there is strong grassroots energy in favor of the right to bear arms. This energy can be tapped into and used to build networks, organizations, and candidates.

One key point in building a successful political movement is picking up on existing trends and using them to establish a strong form of resistance against the political establishment. With a Democrat trifecta proposing all sorts of nutty policies, there’s a plethora of ways for liberty conservatives to position themselves.