The Majority of Voters are Against Joe Biden’s “Door-to-Door” Wuhan Virus Vaccine Push

Joe Biden recently rolled out a Wuhan virus vaccine mandate that compels companies with over 100 employees to force their employees to take the vaccine. This rule will be enforced by OSHA.

Arguably, the most controversial aspect of the Biden administration, the vaccine mandates are likely to be met with strong opposition. Especially, if we look at polls from July – a time when Biden was floating “door-to-door” vaccinations — there was solid opposition to such schemes.

According to a Rasmussen poll from back in July, 53% of Likely US voters believe it’s a bad idea for officials to go “door to door – literally knocking on doors” to have people take the Wuhan virus vaccine. 37% of those surveyed believe Biden’s “door-to-door” vaccine push is a good idea. 10% were unsure. 

The issue of forced vaccinations is very much partisan in nature. Democrats tend to be more in favor of supporting “door-to-door” vaccinations and believe it should be legal for employers to mandate that workers receive a vaccination against the Wuhan virus.

57% of Democrats believe it’s a good idea for officials to go “door to door – literally knocking on doors” to press people to get the Wuhan virus vaccine. However, only 20% of Republicans and 33% of independent voters share this view. 74% of Republicans, 56% of independent voters, and 31% of Democrats see Biden’s “door-to-door” vaccine campaign as a bad policy proposal.

Similarly, 56% of Democrats believe it should be legal for employers to require employees to get Wuhan virus vaccinations, but only 34% of Republicans and 36% of independent voters agree.

There’s already a massive distrust of public health officials. Roughly a third of Americans believe health officials are not telling the truth about vaccine safety. This number grows to nearly two-thirds among individuals who say they don’t have plans of getting vaccinated against the Wuhan virus. 

Although door-to-door vaccinations are different from the vaccine mandates being imposed on businesses nationwide, the general opposition to forced vaccines is very much present throughout the US. From this kind of opposition to mandatory vaccination measures of any sort, a solid resistance movement can be built. Liberty conservatives should capitalize on this to build a broader movement against the biosecurity state that’s consolidating around us.