The National Taxpayers’ Union Gives Thomas Massie the Taxpayers’ Friend Award

No matter how contrarian a politician may be, single-issue interest groups will always reward legislative consistency. 

Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie has built a reputation for his principled voting activity and willingness to go against the grain on issues ranging from government spending to foreign policy.

Massie’s dedication to low taxation and restrained spending caught the attention of the National Taxpayers’ Union. 

In a tweet the NTU published on May 19, 2022, the taxpayer advocacy organization stated, “Congratulations to @RepThomasMassie and @RepRalphNorman, the 2021 Taxpayers’ Friend Award winners in the House.”


Massie responded with a tweet, expressing his gratitude for his high NTU score. The Kentucky Congressman tweeted,” Thank you @NTU for keeping score and for letting taxpayers know who is looking out for them here in Congress.”

Massie received a 91% taxpayer score (A rating) along with South Carolina Congressman Ralph Norman receiving a 90% taxpayer score. 

The NTU annually grades US Congressmen and Senators on their votes regarding debt, taxation, and spending.   The Taxpayer Score measures an elected official’s stances on cutting excessive spending, opposing tax hikes, and opposing regulations that hinder economic development. Overall, a higher score shows that the representative in question holds a solid fiscally conservative voting record. 

NTU’s Taxpayer Score can range between 0 and 100.

Massie has been one of the most principled members of Congress on matters concerning spending, taxation, and foreign policy.

His legislative work is impeccable and is the gold standard of how a liberty conservative should operate in Congress.

When it comes to assessing a politician’s worth, it’s better to look at his voting and legislative behavior than cheap rhetoric. Massie’s body of work, since he was first elected in 2012, clearly demonstrates that. In light of this, Massie’s recent NTU award is well-deserved. It’s a testament to his dedication to liberty conservative ideals.