The Political Establishment is Attacking Ambassadors and Ambassador Nominees for Their Populist Behavior

Say what you want about President Donald Trump, he’s at least tried making certain nominations for ambassador position that have remained faithful to his original America First vision.

One of his notable selections was retired Army Colonel Douglas Macgregor, who was nominated for the position of Germany.  Macgregor has built a reputation for not only being a solid anti-war voice, but also an advocate for immigration restriction. This has caused the media to throw fits and put out hit pieces calling for both parties to halt his nomination.

They’ve done the same with Pete Hoekstra, the U.S. ambassador to the Netherlands. He was accused of interfering in Dutch politics after hosting an event for the populist Forum for Democracy Party. According a to a report by MSNBC, the event was held at the American Embassy in Wassenaar on September 10, 2020. At this event, between 30 and 40 “party officials and wealthy entrepreneurs” were present, according to the Dutch magazine De Groene Amsterdammer. Ambassador Hoekstra gave a speech at the event.

MSNBC had to lecture its readers about why Hoekstra’s speech at such an event was a big no-no:

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One need not be an expert in international diplomacy to know U.S. ambassadors aren’t supposed to be hosting — at an American embassy, no less — political events favoring one political party. Indeed, the fact that “wealthy entrepreneurs” were reportedly in attendance makes it sound like the gathering was akin to a fundraiser.

A Washington Post report also noted the following: “U.S. officials told the Dutch media that the proceeding was nothing out of the ordinary, but lawmakers argued it blurred the line between a typical embassy event and a fundraising gathering for [far-right Forum for Democracy party] — a potential breach of international law, which prohibits interference in domestic politics.”

Personnel is policy. If President Trump wants America First policies, he needs America First staff at all levels of the federal government.  Such selections will naturally aggravate the political establishment, which is a good sign that Trump is doing the right thing.

Liberty conservatives should be rooting for people like Macgregor to be fully confirmed. The media can cry themselves to sleep for all we care.

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