The Ron Paul Institute Praises Tucker Carlson for Roasting Neocon Maria Elvira Salazar

The average congressional Republican is not what one would call the sharpest tool in the shed.

Case in point: Florida Congresswoman Maria Elvira Salazar. 

Salazar made an appearance on Tucker Carlson Tonight on March 16, 2022, where she was pressed on her support for a “no-fly” zone. Earlier this month she was confronted by Max Blumenthal, the Editor-in-Chief of The Gray Zone, for her stance on the Russo-Ukrainian war. In that exchange, she voiced her support for a no-fly zone i.e. giving American and NATO allies the power to shoot down Russian planes. She justified this saying that “freedom isn’t free.” 

Salazar’s support for a no-fly zone did not go unnoticed. She was brought on to Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s show to not only explain herself but also to see if she’s actually down with the America First program i.e. focusing more of her attention on securing the border and sorting out America’s immigration problems. The latter point is what animates more Americans as opposed to Ukraine. 

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As Darrian Alexander of Big League Politics observed, Carlson highlighted how Salazar was more enthusiastic about sending “MiGs to Ukraine to preserve its borders, but not here.”

When it came to Salazar’s responses to Carlson’s incisive questioning, Alexander showed that she had no real answer:

Salazar refused to opine on such a matter, instead simply responding that both herself and other politicians have considered the potential of such drastic consequences.”

 Onlookers like The Ron Paul Institute’s Twitter account were watching this interview in absolute horror.

The Ron Paul Institute account tweetedWe are ‘represented’ by the stupidest among us. Let’s not forget that. They cannot defend an elementary school level argument. Total idiot.”

The Twitter account responded to a post by The Columbia Bugle which posted a clip of Tucker’s interview with Salazar.

Salazar was clearly outclassed by Tucker and looked like a fool on national TV. Unfortunately, representatives like Salazar are the norm within the GOP. She effectively serves as an affirmative action version of neoconservatism that the Republican establishment promotes. The cosmetics are unique, but the disastrous policies stay the same. 

The Ron Paul Institute is one of the leading institutions promoting a sound foreign policy. It’s an oasis of restraint and non-interventionism in a desert of warmongering. 

More foreign policy watchdogs like RPI are needed if we want to have a sane foreign policy environment in the US.