The Ron Paul Liberty Report Praises JD Vance for His Non-Interventionist Stance on Ukraine

Is a liberty conservative/national populist alliance beginning to form?

In an episode of the Ron Paul Liberty Report titled “Biden Visits Lockheed: ‘Make More Javelins For Ukraine!’, former Congressman Ron Paul and Daniel McAdams, the Executive Director for the Ron Paul Institute, discussed President Joe Biden’s visit to a Lockheed-Martin weapons manufacturing plant earlier this week. 

Biden gave a speech filled with platitudes about how the US is fighting to preserve democracy in Ukraine by flooding it with weapons in efforts to continue a blood-soaked proxy war against Russia. 

The juiciest part of this episode of the Ron Paul Liberty Report involved the case of JD Vance.

For those who haven’t tuned into the news, JD Vance, author of Hillbilly Elegy, won the Republican primary for Ohio’s open Senate seat with 32% of the vote on May 3, 2022.

Vance won this seat by campaigning on a strong non-interventionist stance on the Russo-Ukrainian War. This stood out in contrast to his GOP rivals who were calling for all sorts of escalatory measures such as increased military aid to implementing no-fly zones over Ukraine.  

On their show, Paul and McAdams gave Vance praise.

McAdams described Vance’s victory as “encouraging news. The Ron Paul Institute director declared, “Republican Party take note. There is a strong sentiment out there that does not want any part of this war.”

Paul conceded that he’s not well-acquainted with Vance but described Vance’s victory as “great news.”  

For its part, the US Senate has been monolithically hawkish on the Russia question, so having Vance there will bring some sanity and realism to the table.

Liberty conservatives still have our work cut out for us given how bellicose Congress is right now. But we have to start somewhere, and electing JD Vance is not a bad place to start.