The Senate’s Vaccine Witch Trials Were Sponsored by Big Pharma

Yesterday, the Senate Health Committee hosted hearings on vaccine science designed to stigmatize anyone who has reservations about Big Government colluding with Big Pharma to pump children full of chemical-filled shots.

The leader of the corporate brigade was Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-TN) who denounced all naturalist mothers and anyone else who doesn’t believe the government and corporate consensus when it comes to vaccine science during the proceedings. Unsurprisingly, Alexander is on the payroll of Big Pharma like most of the cohabitants in his chamber. He received an astounding $644,422 from health products and pharmaceutical industries from 2011-2016 to stage circuses like these on their behalf.

With tweets like these, it is clear that Big Pharma is receiving great bang for their buck as Alexander senselessly repeats their talking points verbatim to the masses:

Sen. Alexander believes that the science is settled, just as the global warming hoaxsters claim that the climate science is settled, because the experts say so. However, it is well-known that the “experts” are bought off or otherwise controlled by Big Pharma.

The FDA has allowed an opiate crisis that threatens families throughout America because to stop it would mean going against the agenda of their Big Pharma masters. They were happy to throw individual lives under the bus because it maximized the corporate profits of drug pushers.

Tucker Carlson of FOX News explains the horrifying situation that proves FDA’s inefficacy:

Big Pharma also throws billions of dollars to doctors to make sure that the drugging of society continues unabated. They also provide the funding for medical research in universities throughout the US. Controlling the purse strings means that any sort of dissent against vaccines, pills, or anything that gets in the way of Big Pharma’s bottom line at these universities means loss of livelihood or worse.

Sen. Alexander is just another swamp rat whore who is happy to poison children if it means exploding his personal campaign coffers. Sadly, he is far from an exception. There are only a scant few like Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) with the guts to stand up to the lobbyists and corporate money in order to advocate for vaccine choice.