The United Nations Plots to Weaponize the Blockchain for Globalist Control

After first denying the usefulness of cryptocurrency, the globalists are now trying to weaponize it to support their agenda of total control.

The United Nations (UN) recently hosted an 8-hour event in the Economic and Social Council Chamber regarding cryptocurrencies. The event featured collusion between Member States’ representatives and researchers, experts, private sector actors, civil servants, and other stakeholders. It was set up by the Foundation to Support the United Nations (FSUN) and their cronies at the SDG Impact Fund.

“The concept of combining frontier technologies with a shift in consciousness is triggering a wake up call at the United Nations,”said Janet C. Salazar, who is the Chair of the Foundation for Support of the United Nations. “Even the most conservative ambassadors and leaders from around the globe are embracing the idea of using tools like cryptocurrency to make an impact.”

The UN is obsessed with harnessing the power of what it calls “frontier tech” to increase their ability to control populations globally. A 2017 study from the UN’s Economic & Policy Division noted the many problems that cryptocurrencies are posing to the established financial order around the world.

“Decentralized and autonomous, cryptocurrencies are governed by the users’ consensus over a set of rules. They are independent from political influence and actions of monetary authorities. This also means, that in case of cryptocurrencies’ non-compliance with a country’s laws or regulations, there will be no institution to hold accountable,” the report read.

UN officials have become enamored with the capability of the blockchain in particular, claiming that its decentralized nature will assist in their overall goals.

“Never before have we seen such a technology as transformational as blockchain — whether it’s being used to send immediate foreign aid via crypto, or to generate IDs for refugees — it has the power to change the way the developing parts of the world work while enabling more developed nations to efficiently share resources. The United Nations focuses largely on taking a decentralized perspective to the way the world works — and to adopt blockchain technology across systems would serve the best match,” Salazar said.

But in all actuality, the UN is as centralized of a body as any on this planet. They impose their directives, which include gun control, climate change regulations, refugee resettlement, and other leftist policies from the top-down and coerce governments around the world to enforce them.

If there is any bureaucracy that can ruin the promise of cryptocurrency to create more stable monetary unit and take power away from the state as an institution, it is the globalist UN. If they cannot remove their grubby paws from the blockchain, the US ought to defund them and put them out of commission completely.