Thomas Massie Calls Attention to the US Government’s Misplaced Spending Priorities

The Russo-Ukrainian War has offered Americans an idea of how twisted their elected officials are.

While Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is an egregious violation of national sovereignty, this is a conflict that the US should not be involved in. There’s no pressing American interest at stake. However, the American ruling class has different plans in mind. 

Since Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, 2022, politicians in DC have tried to find every possible way to get the US involved in this conflict. So far, the strategy has been to arm Ukraine to the teeth and dole out as much aid — economic and military — as possible to it. The end goal is to give Russia a massive geopolitical black eye. 

The height of politically tone-deaf behavior, the DC Swamp class is on a quixotic quest to try to bog Russia down in a military quagmire, consequences be damned. 

We shouldn’t forget that the US isn’t operating in a vacuum. On the domestic front, the US has to cope with rising crime and inflation, coupled with a border that is being flooded with illegal aliens.

These are far bigger problems than an episode of Slav-on-Slav violence taking place thousands of miles aways. 

Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie grasps the real problems that America must confront unlike his bone-headed colleagues in Congress.  

In a tweet he posted on May 12, Massie explained, 

“Congress has spent almost $500 per US family to support the war in Ukraine.

The money isn’t being borrowed, it’s being printed, and the result will be more inflation.

Wages can’t be increased enough to make up the difference because the money and goods are leaving our country.”

Sadly, the majority of the House voted to approve a $40 billion aid package for Ukraine on May 10, further demonstrating how tone-deaf and war hungry House members are. 

War and inflation go hand-in-hand. Most politicians are scared of the prospect of directly hiking taxes on the populace so they opt for the hidden tax of inflation via money printing to finance their military ventures. 

It’s no shock why the US has embarked on an unprecedented number of military expeditions ever since the Federal Reserve was created in 1913. 

Easy money is the lifeblood of perpetual wars abroad. 

These types of conflict serve no pressing American interest, nor do they enhance the livelihood of Middle America. 

In fact, many working class men are sent off to die or get maimed in these quixotic military ventures. Plus, the exorbitant costs of “defense” spending, which stands at roughly $800 billion, represents a massive misallocation of resources. This money could either be sent back to taxpayers or re-allocated to domestic infrastructure projects that America desperately needs.  

There comes a point when US leaders must recognize that the main problems facing the country are domestic. It’s ultimately the corrupt ruling class, not rising great powers, who constitute the biggest threat to the country.

As always, the most dangerous enemy comes from within, not without.