Thomas Massie Calls for Cutting All Foreign Aid

Foreign aid is one of the holy sacraments of the political order that no one dares challenge.

On an annual basis, the United States government doles out roughly $38 billion in foreign aid. While most foreign aid goes to developing nations, the US provides countries like Israel $3.8 billion in military aid on an annual basis. According to U.S. News, the US government has provided Israel $243.9 billion in foreign assistance since 1971. 

This has caused several elected officials to question the merits of foreign aid, especially to countries such as Israel. 

In a video that was published on May 20, 2022, New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez talked about Israeli  forces’ recent killing of Al Jazeera reporter Shireen Abu Akleh. Towards the end of the video, AOC said that there “has to be some sort of line that we draw” when it comes to foreign aid — suggesting that this incident should be sufficient grounds for cutting military aid to Israel.  

Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie responded with his own tweet, stating “Cut all foreign aid.”

Israel is no underdeveloped nation. According to the IMF, Israel has a per capita GDP of  $43,689. In addition, it has a total GDP of $402.64 billion. On top of that, it’s well known for being a leader in AI and in technological development. 

Despite all of this, the US insists on providing aid to Israel. For starters, it’s no secret that the Israel lobby wields significant power in the US Congress. Hence, you see how hard US politicians bend over backwards to meet Israel’s demands.

Israel is more than capable of defending itself without having the US subsidize it. Plus, the US should not bind itself to such a strategically insignificant nation that’s located in a global hotspot. This is an entangling alliance that the Founding Fathers warned about. 

Massie has had an impeccable record with regards to Israel. For example, he has voted against an anti-BDS resolution and funding for Israel’s Iron Dome, thereby demonstrating his commitment to America First, non-interventionist principles. 

Massie should be applauded for taking on the Zionist lobby and standing for America First principles. 

Massie represents the will of his constituents, not Zionist interests. Ultimately, Israel’s affairs are for Israelis to decide. 

America should stay out of Israel’s affairs, altogether. The first step towards reaching that path is by cutting military aid to Israel.